Biblioteca Archivio Paolo Maffei

Documents, Books and Periodicals

The paper documents collection includes books, magazines, photographs, hand-written documents, travel booklets, old local journals of the Foligno territory, collected from the Maffei family since the second half of the XIX century. The most frequent items follow the fields of interest and activity of the family members, from mathematics to agronomy, to religion, art, local history, ending with the books and documents of the well known astronomer Paolo Maffei passed in 2009.

The total number of books is about 12000.



The collection of musical supports includes LPs, magtapes, cassettes and CDs. Both Opera recordings and symphonic music are present. The collection includes a number of registrations on tape made by prof. Paolo Maffei from radio broadcasts and live since the 1950s. The total number of musical media is about 4700. more...